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Time to invest on the west side of Lake Norman???  Check out this impressive growth coming to Kings Mountain!  Check out this article By
 Scott Jensen.   Belmont, Lincolnton, Gastonia, Mt Holly.  to name a few areas that will see an increase in property value.  

New $600 Million Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Coming To The Charlotte Region

A major new Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is now in the works for the Charlotte region.

The Catawba Indian Nation is now working with Hard Rock International of Orlando, Fla., to plan an unprecedented new $600 million casino in Kings Mountain, according to the Charlotte Business Journal.

The Catawba’s Chief, Bill Harris, and many other leaders have long considered the Hard Rock International the “gold standard” for casinos, so they are willing to throw their whole support behind the plans.

The company now owns and operates casino complexes on Native American land in Florida (Tampa and Hollywood) through a partnership with the Seminole tribe.

The next step will be final approval from the U.S. Department of the Interior that will determine whether the tribe will be able to open the proposed casino off Interstate 85.

The Catawba Indian Reservation, in partnership with South Carolina and several investors, are also now planning to build a $350 million film and production studio just to the south of Charlotte.

Also see this article by Michael Barrett 


With interests rates rising now is a great time to invest in your new home.  Or in rental property.  With the growth getting ready to happen there property values will rise!    

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